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Last flight Java, Indonesia, Wednesday, 01 June 2011 7:02pm

The flight from Bali to Jakarta was delayed, but nobody seemed to know anything about it. It wasn't listed as delayed, or announced that it was delayed, as far as I could tell. There was just nobody from the proper airline (Air Asia) at the gate. In the meantime two other flights came and went.

An Australian woman, trying to get information about the flight chatted with me a bit. She works in Jakarta and could not believe that I was going there for pleasure. She kept coming up with explanations like "Oh, you work in Jakarta, then?" or "Your flight connection leaves from there?" to explain why I might be going to the capital.

The plane ended up boarding about an hour and a half after the scheduled boarding time. It would have been a fine flight: nice new airbus playing formless Brian Enoesque music with a techno flavor, views of distant lightning storms over the wing. But as I was something like 27 hours of travel into the trip, all I wanted to do was sleep in an actual bed, so it was hard to appreciate it. The purser had the best duck tail haircut I've ever seen.