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Packrattery San Francisco, CA, USA, Monday, 30 May 2011 5:20pm

I'm discovering the benefits and drawbacks to being a packrat.

The major drawback is, of course, having to deal with a lot of random stuff in my move. I have now almost filled my storage unit, and there are a few things that I don't want which I haven't been able to get rid of, like my beat-up old desk chair and my futon mattress. Lots of miscellany got packed in the last phases, because I didn't want to make the hard choices about what was really worth keeping. Bags and bags of books were packed off to Christine's school yesterday. Hopefully I'm skewing some impressionable 8th graders towards good science fiction.

But on the plus side, sometimes I happen to have something I need, when I suddenly need it. My glasses got broken in acrobatics class (or Acrobattery, as we've taken to calling it... in addition to the glasses-breaking incident, I also managed to get kicked in the face and on the side of the head and to pick up a variety of impressive bruises yesterday). Luckily, I had just cleaned out my drawer full of pretty much every pair of glasses I've owned since high school. Since my prescription hasn't changed too much over the past few years, I was able to find a serviceable old pair.