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Above, Between Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Monday, 13 September 2010 11:14pm

Does it count as a jungle if it's controlled?

I took a tram up to the top of Victoria Peak in the morning, taking advantage of much nicer weather than yesterday. There were great views of the city, the harbor, and the other side of the island. The walk back down was lushly forested with tropical trees, hanging vines, ferns, and the like. But the trees were growing out of holes in what seemed to be concrete barriers. I presume they've done this for erosion control. The hillside is quite steep, and it's easy to imagine a mudslide in weather as wet as this.

I also visited Hong Kong Park, stopping in at the walk-in aviary (awesome) and the conservatory (disappointing).

In the evening, I took a ferry tour around the harbor and watched the "Symphony of Light", a coordinated light show using the buildings on both sides of the harbor as the lights. It's impressive in scale, but generally uninspiring in terms of the effects. The one building that stood out was the Cultural Center, which has plain walls that ground-level lights project onto. It generally looked much more interesting than the glass skyscrapers with neon tubes flashing or the giant video screens. The boat trip itself was very nice. The breezes off of the water perfectly matched the warm night air.