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Downstream Shanghai, China, Wednesday, 08 September 2010 10:26am

It's amazing how tired I am this evening, considering I spent pretty much all of the day sitting on a boat. I suspect the 90F+ weather and the high humidity are sapping some of my energy.

I took a tour boat down the Huangpu river to (barely) see where it empties into the Yangzi. Touring along the river really brings home the history of Shanghai. We passed mile after mile of loading docks, ship repair facilities, and navy yards. We got to see huge container ships being (re?)built from the hull up, tugs guiding ships into port, coal barges being loaded, and ferries full of people and motorbikes crossing from one shore to the other. The trip started and ended on The Bund, where we could see the old and new buildings that all of this shipping has paid for.