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Tsingtao Qingdao, China, Sunday, 05 September 2010 11:11pm

Qingdao is the home of Tsingtao beer (The same name in an old transliteration system. It's said like "Chingdow"), so my first stop today was Beer Street, a district of bars and restaurants centered on the brewery. I had some tasty pork skewers and the unfiltered Tsingtao beer. It's surprisingly good when it's very fresh.

After lunch I toured the Beer Museum. Lots of neat artifacts from the period when the Germans controlled Qingdao and established the brewery. It was interesting to see the brewery floor from above. I've never seen beer being made on such a scale before. One of the exhibits said that Tsingtao beer accounted for 98% of China's export revenue at one point.

I had planned to see some historical sites, but my legs are still tired from Tai Shan, so I just walked to the beach instead.

Someone was setting off fireworks on the beach right in front of my hotel around dinner time. It didn't seem to be anything organized, just someone with some of those instant-fireworks-show packages.