Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Santiago Santiago, Chile, Wednesday, 16 March 2005 7:32pm

Santiago isn't at all what I'd imagined. It feels much more like a European capital than a Latin American one. I thought I'd want to move on immediately, but I'm finding I'm wishing we had more time here. We spent the early part of the day walking around the city, but I felt like stopping by about 5pm.

Perhaps too much walking, these past few days. My boots are holding up pretty well. No repeats of the pain I was getting from them before I left, but there's still some blistering from the sheer amount of walking.

I'm sitting here in an Internet cafe, uploading pictures. It's going slowly. Dave brought Knoppix CDs, which have made the task a lot easier. Rather than try to find the right Windows driver for my CF reader and a suitable SCP program, I'm just booting into Linux and using rsync. The only downside is that this machine doesn't have enough RAM to run X properly, so I'm learning all about the quirks of using Lynx to enter journal entries.