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From Mist to Spray Izalco Volcano, El Salvador, Thursday, 22 April 2010 4:02pm

Strangely, our hotel did not seem to serve breakfast, so we got off to an earlier-than-expected start and headed up to a cliffside restaurant we'd passed on the way in. We had a pretty view during breakfast. The lake is big enough that we couldn't see the far side through the mist, but we could see groups of scullers out for their morning exercise.

Our next stop was the Volcano Complex. If we'd been more ambitious, we would have done a 4 hour hike from the volcano we were on (Cerro Verde) to one of the other volcanoes in the complex (Santa Ana or Izalco), but after yesterday's hike, I wasn't up for it, and Mona's knee is still giving her trouble. So I followed a 45 minute nature trail that gave a feel for the cloud forest.

We decided that some relaxation would be in order, so we decided to hit the beach. We drove to La Libertad for lunch and then headed over to the nearby Playa El Tunco, where there are a bunch of hotels and hostals mostly catering to surfers.

It's clear why they'd like it here. I waded out a little way, and I was less than 100 feet from the shore before waves taller than me were breaking over my head. And this isn't even the impressive part of the beach...