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To Tacuba Tacuba, El Salvador, Monday, 19 April 2010 7:36pm

A fairly relaxed day. We checked out of Juayúa at about 11 and drove down the Ruta de las Flores. Stopped for lunch at La Jardin de Celeste, which was recommended by the staff at the hostal. It's interesting what may hide behind an unremarkable sign by the side of the road.

The restaurant turned out to be huge and very nicely appointed. It had a pleasant garden, a tree house, and cabins for rent. And we were the only travelers there. I'm not sure if it's that Salvadorans only travel on weekends, or if it's unusually slow. We had a good lunch and headed on our way.

Tacuba turned out to be fairly easy to find (though the GPS map for El Salvador that I got depicts a long, winding road as a straight line), but the hostal we were looking for did not. It should have been simple, since there were signs up saying where it was. But there was a crucial sign missing where we were actually supposed to turn. And I managed to misinterpret the directions that people gave me. Eventually, after about three passes along the main street, someone pointed us to the correct turn.

It's much hotter here than in Juayúa. We arranged a waterfall tour for tomorrow, and I spent most of the afternoon lounging in a hammock.