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Ephesus Selcuk, Turkey, Saturday, 16 January 2010 8:28pm

After breakfast, I walked over to Ephesus. It's huge. There's an interesting section where you can see restoration work in progress. It's been likened to the world's hardest jigsaw puzzle. Not only are they trying to put together thousands of bits of shattered buildings, but those buildings were used (and remodeled) over periods of hundreds of years. So styles and construction methods aren't consistent. Was there marble put over that brick two hundred years after the building was built? Which are you trying to restore? Neat stuff.

I still think I like Afrodesias better. Part of it was definitely related to the lack of crowds, but I also feel that Afrodesias is just more evocative of what was going on there.

I also visited the remains of one of the Seven Wonders of the (Ancient) World, the Temple of Artemis. It was a temple bigger than the Parthenon, but all that's left of it are fragments of stone. There's one tall column standing on the site, but it was reconstructed from whatever pieces were handy. There was a flock of geese grazing there today.

I think I walked over 15 miles today. I wish the GPS unit I've been carrying with me didn't flake out as much as it does.