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Delphi Delphi, Greece, Friday, 01 January 2010 9:45am

I utterly failed to stay up until the New Year rolled around, so I have no idea whether there were fireworks over the Gulf of Corinth.

Sanctuary of AthenaUpside-down Caryatid
We had a pretty relaxed day today. Walked all over the modern town of Delphi (very close to literally. I think there are just a few streets that we haven't seen), did a bit of souvenir shopping, and visited the lower archaeological site (the sanctuary of Athena and the Gymnasium).

It was another beautiful day, though a bit windy. Lots of shops and restaurants were closed. It's not clear whether that was because it was New Year's Day or just because it's not the right season. But we had no trouble finding the essentials.

Tomorrow morning we'll be going our separate ways. I plan to catch a bus headed north, while the others will return to Athens.