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Oktoberfest Cloverdale, California, Saturday, 26 September 2009 8:43pm

It was blazingly hot today. We did a relatively short loop, first heading down to Canyon Road and then taking West Dry Creek all the way down to Healdsburg. We stopped there for coffees and chais, and decided to head back north.

Along the way we stopped at the Clos du Bois winery for a tasting. I'm not a big wine fan, so I just did the tasting for the experience, but I actually found an unusual wine that I liked, their Malvasia Bianca.

Slightly tipsy, we rolled the last 2.5 mi up to Geyserville, where we stopped for lunch at the Diavola Pizzeria / Salumeria, which has a sweet logo. I ordered the Pork Cheek Ragu, and I'm pretty sure they gave me both cheeks.

We fought off food comas and heatstroke to head back to the house. I checked the temperature before hopping in the pool: 99 F.

After it cooled off a bit, we headed in to Cloverdale for Oktoberfest. More people were dancing this year, but otherwise it was very much like last year. Strange sculptures, random vendors, a meal of bratwurst, potato salad, and sauerkraut, and the Edelweiss Quartet playing polka and yodeling.

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