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Backwards, twice as fast Cataviña, Baja California, Mexico, Monday, 13 July 2009 8:42pm

Today we actually succeeded in doing what we've talked about this whole trip: we got up early enough to beat the heat. Breakfast was at 7, and we were actually on the road at 8. We covered the distance to Guerrero Negro quite quickly and decided to stop there for gas and some carnitas tacos.

Getting gas was annoying. There was only one (two-sided) pump open, and cars were lining up based on which side their gas tank was on. As a motorcycle, I could choose either line, so I chose the shorter. Turns out it was shorter because people kept leaving it in disgust because an ice-cream delivery truck was filling up. Apparently there was some reason it couldn't be fueled up quickly, because the driver was standing there holding the fuel hose kinked almost in half. Eventually, I got fed up and just changed lines and was fueled up long before the truck was finished.

The carnitas tacos were good, though.

The trip through the desert to Cataviña went like a flash. We arrived at our destination around half past noon (we crossed the time zone boundary when we crossed from Baja California Sur to Baja California). We had to give serious thought to continuing on, since we still had something like 7 hours of sunlight. But we decided that we'd rather spend a day lounging around the pool here than press on.

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