Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Dawn in the desert M'Hamid, Morocco, Tuesday, 06 January 2009 8:11pm

Not surprisingly, it's cold at night in the desert in winter. The tent cabin was supplied with plenty of thick wool blankets, but I moved around enough at night to dislodge them, so I woke up early because I was cold, and decided that it was worth getting up to go to the bathroom.

That turned out to be awesome, because it meant that I noticed that it was about to be dawn. Mo was awake, but not up and about yet, so when I called at her door she came out and decided it was worth waking Julia. We watched the sun rise together from the top of a nearby dune.

After breakfast, we got back in the 4x4 and set out in a different direction. We passed several nomad camps, a dry lake bed where we saw some great mirages (and Ali ghost rode the whip). We stopped for a while at a fossil bed, where it seemed like every rock had traces of ancient sea worms.

We were stopped by the police three times at checkpoints, and we had to show our passports at one of the stops. It turns out that Julia and I share a birthday, and that Ali is the youngest person in the car.

We returned to Ouarzazate in the mid afternoon, and showered off the sand, then got together with the manager of the tour company to finish the last of the wine we took to the desert.