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Checking things off Marrakesh, Morocco, Saturday, 03 January 2009 10:53pm

Today was Tinny, Jarek, and Phil's last day in Marrakesh. Tinny and Jarek fly back tomorrow, and Phil is heading back to Casablanca to fly out the next day. Mo decided to join me on a tour out to the Sahara. We emailed a tour company last night and finalized plans today.

We started our last day by investigating the Dyer's souk. Tinny swapped felting techniques with the local craftsmen. I accused her of introducing inauthentic craft traditions.

I bought another carpet nearby. I got an escort to not one, but two ATMs (the first one broke while I was trying to use it).

We had lunch, then went out to the Palmeraies, where Tinny, Jarek, and Mo rode camels while Phil and I took pictures of them. On the way out, we were stuck in traffic, which was pretty awful. I'm still not feeling well, and the air here is extremely polluted.

We came back and did a bit more souvenir shopping, and then went out for our last dinner together here.