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Meknes Meknes, Morocco, Wednesday, 24 December 2008 6:00pm

There's an excellent museum here in Meknes, but it's excellent not for the exhibits, but the decoration of the building itself. Some very impressive tiling patterns and cut stucco. Sadly, they don't allow photos and don't sell postcards.

The other oddly interesting building was the stable and granary complex of Heri es-Souani. It was built to house and feed 12,000 horses. Yeah, twelve thousand. Most of it is ruined now, but the arches that remain seem to repeat forever.

I've been running into some of the same people over and over. There's a British family who were staying at the same guesthouse as I was in Chefchaouen. They're here in Meknes now (having been to Fes in the meantime), and are planning on going out to the Roman ruins at Volubilis tomorrow as well. I ran into them three times today, twice in the medina, and once when I was sitting watching the sunset and sipping mint tea on the Place el-Hedim. There's also a pair of French girls who I bumped into at the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, then again at Heri es-Souani, then again in the medina.

I had dinner at the Riad where I'm staying. Camel is surprisingly not gamey. It was quite similar to beef. I shared the table with a couple who're traveling with their two-year-old daughter. They've been traveling in the south, and gave me some things to look for.