Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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To Tetouan Tetouan, Morocco, Friday, 19 December 2008 6:00pm

I was wondering if my old rule of allowing whole days for traveling was too conservative, but I think it's often about the right speed.

I spent the morning lazing about town. I read and ate a long second-brunch of Moroccan crepes with honey and sweet mint tea at another one of the places overlooking the ocean and then wended my way back to my hotel to pick up my pack and take it over to the bus station.

The first CTM bus from Larache was supposed to leave at 1:45, and the guy at the ticket counter warned me to be there at 1:30. I think I could safely have gotten there at 2:00 and still caught the bus.

I spent the time drinking more mint tea at the station cafeteria and chatting with the ticket seller's four year old son about Papa Noel in Spanish. It seems his family had just returned from a town in Europe, where Papa Noel is very popular.

I saw my first camels of the trip. Three dark ones sitting off the highway a bit.

We didn't get in to Tetouan until after 5, which put the kibosh on my plans to see some of the sights of town before sunset. But the sunset itself was very dramatic. It was glowing deep red as I walked up the stairs in the hillside to get up to the street that my hotel is on.

Now I'm killing a bit of time before dinner and wondering idly if there's a wi-fi enabled cafe around here.