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Chefchaouen Chefchaouen, Morocco, Sunday, 21 December 2008 10:48pm

It's pretty clear why the Lonely Planet writers would gush about this place. It's the first place in Morocco where I've felt that familiar traveler vibe. Lots of little places to stay. Street-side restaurants with posted menus in four languages. Souvenir/craft shops around every corner. Che paraphernalia. Reggae. 70s hits. I wonder if there's an expat bar around.


Didn't find an expat bar. Didn't try that hard, though. I had dinner at one of the places on the square and then had a shave. I think this is the first time anyone else has shaved me. Don't know that I'll bother again. He did a nice job of shaving the jaw line, but it's not a particularly close shave. He trimmed my moustache closer than I would have, and I think it's a bit lopsided (which is understandable, since it grows lopsided, but it's the sort of thing that I correct for by leaving the sides longer).

Then I went to an internet parlor ("cafe" seems wrong for a place that doesn't serve food or drink) for what I expected to be a brief visit. It turned out that my mailserver had been down for almost 24 hours. Vexing. The colo company rebooted it and it seems to be fine again.