Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Costal Duncan's Mills, California, Monday, 29 September 2008 11:00pm

We needed to be back in SF fairly early today, so we went on a shorter trip today. We packed up and left the place we were staying near Healdsburg and drove down to Monte Rio. After setting up the bikes, we set out along a shady path towards the coast.

We crossed to the north side of the Russian River at Duncan's Mills, and rode along with the river on one side and dry grassy hills on the other, populated by the occasional cow, sheep or llama. We pulled over for some pictures of the llama and it came over to the fence to check us out.

We turned south when we hit the Pacific Coast Highway, and crossed the bridge right by Willow Creek. I'm not sure that Samaki believed me when I told her that I'd eaten at that Indian restaurant before.

South along the 1 was rolling hills, which was a nice change from the mostly-flat riding we'd been doing. It's fun to get up some momentum on a downhill and hold it through the next ascent. It was a nice sunny day, and the ocean views were beautiful.

We turned around at Duncan's Landing and came back the same way, and then headed up to Jenner for lunch at the River's End restaurant, which has a great view of the outlet of the Russian River into the ocean.

From Jenner, it was a pretty easy ride back to Monte Rio. I fell behind a bit because I kept stopping to take pictures, but I ended up arriving back at the cars at 3:08pm. Pretty good for a planned arrival of 3pm. I think Jenny and Samaki may actually have been on time!

After a quick pit stop at the Pink Elephant (a Lost Coast Great White hit the spot after biking), we were on our way home.

25.68mi in 1:57 rolling, 3:37 total. Route