Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Decadent Guerneville, CA, Friday, 25 July 2008 11:19pm

Camping with the side cases on my bike is totally decadent. I didn't even have to try to pack carefully to fit all of my gear. I even had room for food and drinks this time. Of course, I was counting on my camping buddies to bring such necessities as fire and cooking utensils.

Unfortunately, our advance party (Rachel and Darren) arrived at Willow Creek to discover that all of the campgrounds there were already full. They tried some other local places, but to no avail. They left a note that I found when I arrived a few hours later.

As I reached RT 1, heading back to Bodega Bay to see if I could get cellphone reception, Aaron and Melissa drove up. We decided to forge on. We're now at the Maribel campground, just north of Guerneville.

We have beer and rum and limeade, and bockwurst cooked over an open fire. Bats are flying overhead. Bullfrogs are chirping.

So far so good.

Also decadent: iPhone coverage in my tent.

Monster Black Slurpee: awful. Like grape gone horribly wrong.