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No diving day Roatan, Honduras, Thursday, 10 July 2008 9:00pm

I've been pretty tired and have been having a little trouble equalizing my ears, so I decided to skip the morning dives. I wrote a bunch of postcards and sat in a hammock for the early part of the morning, then Jenny and I went for a kayak trip.

I need to actually learn to kayak. My stroke is unbalanced (stronger on the right), so we have trouble moving in straight lines. I think I'm also inefficient because I'm using the wrong muscles. But it was a fun outing anyway.

We made our way around the bay, trying to not run over snorkelers or be run over by dive boats. We beached on Fantasy Island and sat in their beach chairs under a thatched hut for a while, and then headed back in for lunch.

On our way in, I recognized some of the snorkelers. It was the veterinary school on their day off from the iguana sanctuary. They said that it was pretty cool, so perhaps I'll take the island tour tomorrow and check it out.

After lunch, we went on a trip to a dolphin enclosure off of the North side of the island. We got to interact with a trained dolphin and hear about dolphin physiology. We got some time to snorkel in the enclosure, but didn't see much. The water was murky and the dolphins swim much deeper and faster than a snorkeler, so it was mostly glimpses in passing.

We opted to have some tasty beverages instead of trying to go on another night dive, and played Apples to Apples well into the evening.