Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Last night in Argentina Ushuaia, Argentina, Friday, 04 March 2005 9:45pm

It cleared up just in time for one last spectacular sunset. I was eating a large portion of fuegan lamb a la parilla at a window table at a restaurant called Moustaccio's. The pile of meat looks quite daunting when they bring it to your table, smouldering over a tray of coals so it stays hot whil you work on it. But somehow it all goes away. The empanadas were tasty too, the pastry flaky, the meat well spiced.

The prevalent local beer, Quilmes Cristal, is served ice cold. Not surprising for a light lager. It develops a bit of character as it warms, but not much. Apparently "1/2 Beer" here means 1/2L.

I had the other variety of Beagle last night. It proclaims itself a "strong pure malt beer", which made me expect it to be completely unhopped. It was only lightly hopped, but the hops were definitely there. A good mild beer, but I think I prefer the Negro.