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Sleeper car Ho Chi Minh City to Danang, Vietnam, Sunday, 18 March 2007 8:33am

I slept surprisingly well. I wonder how much the St. Patrick's Day beers helped with that. The sleeper car is far from luxurious, but it's comfortable enough. The berths are actually long enough for me to lie down straight, which I'd been worried about. We were woken up once at 5:30am by the conductor opening the door and telling one of the other two people in this compartment that his stop was next. And they started playing music at about 7am. We were given a cup of soup noodle breakfast (hot water at the front of the car), which had bits of some kind of pork neutronium. Not bad.

There's some gorgeous scenery outside. Women in cone hats in rice fields with misty mountains in the background. Small boats on quiet lakes. Container ships on rivers. Scooters and bicycles riding alongside the train. Sadly, the windows are double-glazed and the outside pane is dirty, so there's no point in trying to take pictures.