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Stickers, cutting San Francisco, CA, Wednesday, 14 February 2007 12:14am

I'm now authorized to enter the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. I stopped by the consulate on Monday to pick up my passport. It was really busy. It turns out that Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) starts on Wednesday. In Vietnam, Tet is a 5 day holiday where everyone travels around visiting people and eating. The consulate is closed for the whole holiday, so I think that a lot of people were there to get their business taken care of before the break. There was a long line and everyone seemed to be having trouble with their applications. But not me. After 30min of waiting, I gave them the receipt and they gave me my passport back with a visa sticker.

KBK helped my cut up my sheets of passport photos. I was hoping to use her paper cutter ("It cuts through phone books!"), but we ended up using an X-acto and a metal ruler, for the sake of precision. I'm going to have to take a spare phone book with me next time I go over there.