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Cheating! San Francisco, CA, Friday, 27 October 2006 8:00pm

Since we'd stayed over in Big Sur and didn't really have any desire to see Salinas, Gilroy, or San Jose, we rode back from Big Sur to Monterey. This time we took an overhill route through the city instead of hugging the coast. We arrived in the early afternoon and had some excellent ice cream on the Old Fisherman's Wharf and then sat and watched the really fat harbor seals battle over who got to sit on the best rocks.

Then we went over to Enterprise, packed the bikes in the trunk of a Cobalt and drove up the 1. It was fun to cover the same ground so quickly in reverse. I think we passed both of the spots where Jessica got flats within 15min. We stopped by the bakery in Davenport and snacked on some artichoke rolls in the car.

36.50mi in 2:56 (avg 12.44mph)

Total: 273.04mi in 24:56 (avg 10.95mph)