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Back at the airport Punta Arenas, Chile, Wednesday, 02 March 2005 12:24pm

I'm back at the Punta Arenas airport, killing time before my flight to Argentina.

I got a solid 8.5hrs of sleep, but I'm still tired. I would have slept longer (I set my alarm, but failed to actually turn it on), had Jenny not woken me up for breakfast.

We wandered over to the Tourist Services center to ask about the TorresDelPaine fire. It turns out that Jenny and Don will have to change their plans somewhat because the first part of the circuit they planned to hike is closed, but the refugios where I have reservations are in the untouched part of the park, so there shouldn't be a problem with me meeting them there in a few days.

The Punta Arena Necropolis is impressive. Huge family tombs, with sculpted angels and stained glass windows.

Chilean sodas: Qu4tro balance nueva sabor pomelo is surprisingly different from the toronja (grapefruit) sodas I've had elsewhere. I've never had an actual pomelo, so I can't say whether the difference is authentic, but there's a strange aftertaste.