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More Diving Kailua-Kona, HI, Wednesday, 16 August 2006 3:00pm

Another couple dives early in the day. I liked this dive leader better than the one we had for the first dives. He kept closer tabs on us and pointed out some neat stuff. I saw an eel and some shrimp. I definitely stayed down longer this time, but part of that was running low on air for my first dive. You're supposed to surface with 500psi in your tank to be safe, but we were further than expected from the boat when I ran low. I hit 0psi on my gauge with about 30s left in my safety stop at 15ft. I didn't get to the point where there was actually no air in the tank, but I could feel the pressure difference.

The computer I've rented is turning out to be really handy. Just having something that times my dive and records the maximum depth I've reached is useful, and the safety stop countdown and rapid ascent warnings make surfacing much simpler.

I bought a cheap underwater film camera ($20!) and tried to take some pictures, but most of them are murky and badly focused. I hope Gina gets some good ones with her underwater digital camera.