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Road Trip day 3: Nashville to Mammoth Cave Mammoth Cave National Park, KY, Monday, 18 July 2016 3:08pm

Pulled pork on pancakes. I wouldn't have thought it would work, but overall? Pretty good. It was sweet potato pancakes with pan fried apples, topped with an egg over easy, which added in some sweetness and moisture to what would otherwise have been overly dry.

Those of you who avidly follow my online journal (ha) may have noticed that I haven't posted anything about this road trip so far. That's because my laptop has been non-functional. It would get partway through the login process, fail a filesystem check, and crash. Of course this happened just after we left, rather than just before... So we took a couple of hours to go to a mall, take it to the Apple Store, have them try to fix it, give up, and erase the disk. I should be able to restore it from a backup when I get back, but for now I've installed just the essentials.

Back in downtown Nashville, we stopped in at the Frist Center which has an interesting exhibition on right now of post-war Italian cars (and a few motorcycles) The exhibition starts with some Fiat prototypes that showed how the designers and mechanics adapted what they learned from building airplanes for the war effort, and traced those design ideas through the 1970s. There were some fantastic Maseratis and Ferraris, but my favorites were a Lamborghini and a Bizzarrini.

We had a tasty lunch at a BBQ place in what looks to be a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in East Nashville. There were two craft breweries and a taproom/beer shop within a half block, and we passed an organic restaurant, a juice bar, and a high end butcher before making our way back to the road. We passed through more farmland, and made our way to Kentucky, where the major activity on a Monday afternoon seems to be mowing lawns. There was a truly staggering number of enormous (acres), very well kept lawns, and a corresponding number of people out on riding mowers keeping them.

We're at the Mammoth Cave Hotel, in preparation for our Intro to Caving tour tomorrow morning. There are lots of not-at-all-skittish deer here, along with lightning bugs and bats.