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West Side Trafalgar, Dominica, Wednesday, 06 January 2016 1:10pm

We got up early today to drive over to Portsmouth and do a couple more Scuba dives. They were pretty good dives, and we finally saw a spotted eagle ray, which we'd been watching out for since we started diving here. We definitely preferred the dive sites in the south, and also the dive folks at Dive Dominica (both crew and divers).

After stopping for lunch at a food-stall area in Picard (where Adrienne got some Mexican food), we headed down the coast. We'd been weighing two options for the afternoon: Trafalgar Falls or Scott's Head. Since it looked rainy on the south side of the island, we decided to go to the Falls.

They were great. As we were arriving, bus after tour bus was pulling out of the parking lot, and during the time we were there, we only saw a couple other groups. There's an easy walk to a viewing platform, where you can see both of the falls. Most people (and all of the other visitors while we were there) stop there. We decided to press on to the base of the "Mother" Fall, which is less tall, but has more water flow. It was a scramble in the rain over wet, slippery boulders, with no clear path. Fun! I got to put some of my bouldering technique to use. There's a nice pool at the base of the falls, and we swam there for a bit.

We stopped by a sulphur spa in Wotten Waven to soak for a bit and work out the last of the soreness from the Boiling Lake hike. We timed that pretty well too: there were a bunch of people when we arrived, but they drifted out over the course of our soak.

Dinner was at the Old Stone Bar & Grill in Roseau, where we'd tried to go on the first Sunday after our arrival, and then again on New Year's Day. The third time's the charm: they were actually open this time! We had one of the best island-style food meals we've had.