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Done Diving Roseau, Dominica, Friday, 01 January 2016 2:28am

I fell a bit behind on my journaling, but there hasn't been that much to journal about anyway. A couple more days of diving.

Amusingly, one of our fellow divers is a woman named Nina, who moved from South Africa to San Francisco and now works with one of my old friends who got Scuba certified in the same class as me. Small world.

We had planned to do five days of diving and finish on New Year's Eve, but we found out that Nina was the only one signed up to dive on New Year's Day, so we took the opportunity to dive in a really small group. Much calmer than when there are a dozen people on the boat and lots of large cameras. The divemasters say that tourism is way off its usual levels here. A few years ago they would have been sending out both of their boats every day with 20 people on them. I can't imagine what that would have been like.

We walked back to the botanical gardens in town after diving on New Year's Day. They're pretty overgrown, and we couldn't find several of the paths that are marked on their maps, but we did walk up to a scenic overlook and got a good view of the town. It was raining on-and-off, and as we walked down into town, we discovered that everything was closed, including the restaurant we'd been hoping to visit. Maybe next time...