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Diving, Walking Roseau, Dominica, Monday, 28 December 2015 1:45pm

A nice mix today of diving and strolling. We did a wall dive first and a shallow coral garden dive second. Nice schooling fish on both dives, and a Hawksbill turtle on the first and a lot of flounders on the second. I was playing around with my new underwater camera. Still lots to learn about how to use it effectively. I don't have a good way to edit video yet, so I'll have to figure that out at some point.

In the afternoon, we walked into town. After some discussion, I think Roseau is the smallest national capital I've ever visited (16,000 inhabitants). After a late lunch, we stopped in at the tourist market and looked at some unfamiliar produce in the actual market. We also briefly visited the Botanical Gardens, but didn't do the walk that probably has most of the exotic plants. Perhaps another day.


Adrienne (Anonymously) Tuesday, 29 December 2015 4:09am

Sigh. You forgot to mention the really, really terrible trumpet playing of Star Wars theme that we heard walking back to the hotel. It was hilarious! Also, we watched the sun set together.