Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Lush Roseau, Dominica, Saturday, 26 December 2015 1:50pm

After spending the holiday with Adrienne's family in Dallas, we got up way too early and hopped a plane to San Juan, PR, and then another to Dominica.

I'm a little mystified at why the food choices in SJU are so unremarkable. Disappointing. My fried starch was even potato. Why?

We had a bit of a hiccup when our flight to Dominica was delayed because Air Traffic Control declared a "ground stop". Apparently there was too much traffic in the region. So we sat on the tarmac for a hour with the engines running, waiting to be cleared for takeoff. Just as it looked like we'd have to go back to the gate for more fuel, we got clearance.

It was raining when we landed, but we we took advantage of a cloud break and got into the terminal dry. Our hotel/dive center had sent a van to pick us up. It was a fun ride through dark jungle, over extremely switchbacked mountain roads. The weather here is lovely. Humid, but not sticky.