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Galleries and Whisky Edinburgh, Scotland, Tuesday, 04 August 2015 10:25pm

For my last full day in Edinburgh I took it a little easier on the walking. Only 9 miles, instead of 11 like yesterday. I spent the morning in the National Museum of Scotland, which has some interesting displays about the development of engineering in Scotland, including several steam engines (not models, but probably not functional), including one that's two stories tall, and a Jacquard-style loom (punch cards!). After lunch I headed over to the City Art Centre and the Fruitmarket Gallery, and looked at some art.

Jarek and I did a Whisky tasting, and got walked through four Scotches with varying characters. Afterwards, we tried a couple more at the attached bar. I'm still leaning towards the Speysides as my favorites, but I did appreciate the Lagavulin 16...

I had a last dinner with Tinny and Jarek. They're headed off to Berlin in the morning and then to Poland. And I'm renting a car and doing a tiny road trip.