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Rain Forest El Yunque, PR, Thursday, 08 January 2015 8:32pm

We had a nice brunch with a great view in Fajardo, and then set out towards El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest in the United States, managed by the US Forest Service. We stopped in at the visitor's center to pick up a trail map and to walk the little interpretive trail to get a feeling for what we might see. There's surprisingly little big fauna around, but we found out about some of the birds and lizards (oddly, most of the lizards we saw were on the interpretive trail).

We did the most challenging hike listed on the trail map, up to the El Yunque peak, and added on a side trail that took us out to Roca El Yunque, for some spectacular views. We hiked down a slightly different route (taking the spur trail towards Mt Britton, but not doing the extra trail up to the tower there). It's a pretty forest, but it did seem quite quiet. We saw only saw snails, more lizards, and some birds (the pocket camera that I picked up for this trip is better at bird photography than I'd expected).