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Beach day Boqueron, PR, Tuesday, 06 January 2015 8:07pm

We'd had a vague hope of seeing some manatees today, so we took a drive out to the coast, where we found a beautiful, not very crowded beach near the southernmost lighthouse in Puerto Rico. However, the water was so cloudy that a manatee could have snuck up on us without us noticing. We had a nice swim, though. The water here is so salty that floating is effortless.

Afterwards, we headed up to the town of Boqueron. It has a touristy strip, featuring lots of kiosks with various street food. We ended up having a late lunch that featured several skewers of various things and a dozen fresh-shucked oysters. After relaxing for a while on the beach (there's a "Caution: Manatees" sign, but I think there are enough people around that the manatees steer clear), we went back for an early dinner of two dozen fresh-shucked oysters. Each of the stalls had a large selection of hot sauces, so we sampled quite a few. Our favorite was Steven's Cuisine Hot Sauce.

The second half of our dinner was ice cream, back in Ponce.