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To Ponce Ponce, PR, Sunday, 04 January 2015 9:06pm

Today was a travel day, sort of. We slept in again and then visited El Morro, the other one of the major fortresses in Old San Juan. There were some pretty views, but it was not quite as interesting as San Christóbal. We had a light lunch and then visited the Museum of the Americas, which had a mix of historical, anthropological, and artistic exhibitions. Afterwards, we hit the road.

We decided to take a more scenic route to Ponce;, so we wound our way up and down lush forested mountain roads, often barely wide enough for cars going different directions to pass each other. We tried to see the largest canyon in Puerto Rico, but only got close enough to get a vague idea of where it was.

We made a late afternoon stop at the Baños de Coamo, Puerto Rico's only natural hot springs, and had a short soak before finishing our drive into Ponce.