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Finally back Austin, TX, USA, Wednesday, 09 July 2014 8:31pm

The hotel in Frankfurt had one of the more impressive breakfast spreads I've seen, which was good, because it turned out that I had a longer day ahead of me than I'd anticipated.

The Lufthansa agent who arranged my hotel and return flights yesterday got me what I suspect is the best seat in economy class on an A380: 76A. It is the window seat behind an exit row, but it doesn't have a seat in front of it, so I had all the legroom I could need and didn't have to clamber over someone to get up. Since I was traveling with the sun, I stayed up for most of the flight.

My seat on the 3:10 flight from Houston to Austin... was nonexistent. United had somehow not been informed about the change in my travel plans, and while I had a boarding pass for Austin, it had no seat assigned, and it turned out that the flight was overbooked. United gave me a guaranteed seat on a flight at 10:30pm flight. 7 hours would be enough time for Adrienne to drive from Austin to Houston to pick me up and drive back to Austin, and I'd still arrive before the plane. It was briefly tempting, but I was not confident about what would happen to my checked bag (with all of that liquor).

Instead, I ended up playing the standby game, and managed to get a seat on a 6pm departure, and Adrienne picked me up at the Austin airport and took me to eat ramen with friends.

I definitely didn't hit the "okay, tired of traveling, ready to be home" point on this trip, but it is nice to be back.