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Belgrade Overground Belgrade, Serbia, Wednesday, 02 July 2014 8:08pm

This morning, we set out for the Tesla museum. It's in a fancy house in a neighborhood that Tesla himself probably never visited while he was alive. There are some nice demonstrations (Tesla coils shooting sparks, a replica of the first radio-controlled toy—a boat with both throttle and rudder control), and a collection of displays that explain a bit about Tesla's life and inventions. His urn is there as well.

Nearby, we found the St Sava church. If it's ever finished, it will be the largest Orthodox church in the world (until then, the cathedral in Sofia holds the title, narrowly edging out the one we saw in Talinn last summer). It was fascinating to see the structure in the process of being built. The concrete has mostly been poured, but you can still see the marks where the forms were. They must have been enormous.

We had lunch in the Black Hole at the Intergalactic Cafe nearby, where I couldn't resist ordering the Space Madness.

In the evening, Mo and Jarek and I stopped in at the straightforwardly-named Rakia Bar, where we sampled plum, apricot, honey-mint, raspberry, pear, and walnut brandies. We'll have to go back some time. There were another 50 or so varieties on the list.