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Bus Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru, Saturday, 09 April 2005 9:18am

Even the really posh busses are frustrating. I took a 6hr Dorado class bus to Trujillo. The seats were wide and there was plenty of legroom, but I still ended up sore and exhausted by the end of the trip.

I was also frustrated because I would have liked to stop the bus and take a picture dozens of times. Between the vibration due to the rough road, the reflections off of the windows, and the difficulty of framing a shot while moving, I expect that none of the ones I did take will be worth keeping.

We returned through the same kind of country I saw on the way up: green mountains in wispy clouds; abundant, vibrantly green rice fields, spectacular rock formations; and sand dunes held together with crests of vegetation. There was an amazing sunset over the desert. We passed a town that had a really neat park with scupltures of birds and dolphins and what looked like a fountain composed of 6ft tall seahorses (though it wasn't spraying when we passed).

Perhaps I'll return someday with a 4x4 vehicle and stop along the way.

But then I'd miss out on the bizarre movie selections they show in the busses: badly copied American rock videos, a Steven Segal movie about terrorists trying to blow up San Francisco, one of those "girl goes in search of missing father, who's an English Lord" movies, and The Ring 2 (I think... they had this odd habit of starting movies after the opening credits and stopping them at the end credits).

They were all in English with Spanish subtitles, which was a little strange. Can they not get dubbed movies? Perhaps it's better because speech in a foreign language is easier to ignore if you're not interested in watching the movie? It's a good way to practice my Spanish reading comprehension, though.