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Aeropuerto Santiago, Chile, Tuesday, 01 March 2005 8:45am

One day (less a 5hr time difference) into the trip. So far, I¥ve seen four airports (SFO, LAX, Lima, and now Santiago), and flown on two planes (an MD S80 and an Airbus A340 with a lot of Mormon "Elder"s off on their missions).

There was a bit of confusion becase Jenny and Don waited for me before Customs, but I must have walked straight past them. They (correctly) decided I had probably gone to the gate of our next flight, and they got there just before it was scheduled to leave. The flight was delayed by an hour anyway.

Chilean sodas... Pap: bubble-gummy, with a hint of orange flavoring. Kem: lightly flavored, reminiscent of pineapple. Nothing awesome yet.


mmm yuri (Anonymously) Friday, 04 March 2005 8:07pm

pap pop!