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Kayaking Las Isletas de Granada, Nicaragua, Monday, 30 December 2013 9:08pm

This morning I took a leisurely stroll to the Centro Turistico of Granada, which is something like a park filled with restaurants and discos along the shore of Lake Nicaragua. I spent the early afternoon on a kayak tour of Las Isletas. Apart from the launching point on the beach, which had a bit of surf, it was a relaxed paddle that wound around and between many small islands. I saw various birds, fruit bats, and a swimming dog. Sadly, neither the legendary alligator large enough to eat cows nor the lake sharks made an appearance.

After showering off the lake water, I tried to walk to the cemetery before sunset, but failed. I had to console myself with some of the best roast chicken I've had and some delicious fried plantains from a comedor across the street. Amusingly, on the way to the cemetery, I was asked for directions. Amazingly, I was able to give them.