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Unloaded Austin, TX, Monday, 15 July 2013 11:59pm

Today, we drove. There's almost nothing between Carlsbad NM and Austin (though there's Carlsbad TX, we discovered). We got up too early, in the long-shot hope that someone would cancel or not show up for their spot in the lantern-lit cave tour. No such luck. So we packed up the tent (still wet, since it did end up raining last night, though not too much), and set out.

Adrienne had discovered that there was a strange microbrewery in Eola TX, and, since that was a bit north of the most direct route, we went back up to Carlsbad for breakfast. It was a good move, because the Pecos River Cafe in Carlsbad NM has the best green chile sauce I've ever had, by far.

After brunching there, we drove four hours (and one time zone) to Eola. The microbrewery was indeed quite strange. It's in an old schoolhouse, and consists of one guy who's doing the brewing, the cooking, and running a restaurant. Good beer, tasty burger.

It rained on and off during the day, and Adrienne and I switched off driving a couple times. It didn't take too long to unload the truck. Unfortunately, I don't think unpacking is going to go anywhere near as quickly.