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Drive to Carlsbad Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM, Saturday, 13 July 2013 11:15pm

Today was a long driving day. We had a leisurely morning at the B&B, with fruit-covered waffles and eggs for breakfast. It feels really good to have slept in a non-inflatable bed and to have showered and taken a bath. Camping is fun, but taking a break from camping is also fun.

We stopped at a microbrewery/Irish Pub in Pueblo for lunch. I had a beef "boxty", which was kind of like a soft taco with a thick potato pancake instead of a tortilla. Some of the local brews were quite tasty.

We hit the road again, not stopping for more than a picture or two and some gas until reaching Roswell, New Mexico. There was another big change in the landscape when we left Colorado. It's back to sagebrush desert, with only a few hills. The weather also changed. At one point we could see entirely cloudless skies ahead of us, but if we looked back towards the mountains, there was a layer of thunderheads covering everything.

We didn't have time for any of the UFO sites in Roswell (and it was late enough in the evening that they were closed anyway), but we did stop for some Mexican/New Mexican food. I had stuffed sopaipillas with green chile sauce. Mmm.

We're camping tonight at the campground right outside of Carlsbad Caverns, where I camped when I was last in the area. We have a lovely clear night, and lots of stars are out.