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Food and drink Tuesday, 05 April 2005 6:31pm

Bimbo Lima Limon: slightly more flavor than a Sprite, but the same soda in essence.

Dunkin Donuts: My American junk food weakness. I can't get Dunkin in SF, so I let myself eat them in Rome or Lima. They have more fillings for munchkins here than we had at home when I was a kid. There's an apple jelly, chocolate and bavarian cremes, dulce de leche, and dulce de leche with coconut. The only disappointment is the chocolate powdered, which doesn't compare to the American chocolate glazed.

Lambayeque King Kong: I bought one of these because they're for sale everywhere and I couldn't figure out what they were. I'm still a little confused. On the outside, they're remarkably similar to the adobe bricks used in the pyramids around here. They're rectilinear pastries about 6in x 4in x 2in (I got the small), with layers of sweet fillings that I am at a loss to identify. I imagine that you'd get one of these things for a party, or eat it over the course of a week or something. Definitely not a light snack.

Chicha de Jora: corn beer, the base for the sangria-like Chicha Morada. It has the same kind of wild-yeast taste as certain Lambics and Geuzes. Very sweet, slightly sour, and pretty refreshing, but not necessarily an aftertaste you'd want to linger over.