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To Finland Helsinki, Finland, Wednesday, 26 June 2013 11:50pm

We caught an international ferry this morning that took us to Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki feels like a more modern city than the places we've been. There have been things like shopping malls and mobile phone shops everywhere, but here they seem more a part of the fabric of the city than something intruding.

We were pretty tired after the ferry, so we split up. I took the opportunity to pick up some more Euros and get a new SIM card (I found a site that lists what cards are available, by country, which would have come in handy earlier. It seems up to date, and with its advice, I appear to have a working phone.

I stopped in to a boring Lutheran Cathedral, and then joined the group again for dinner at a Finnish buffet. I think my favorites were the meatballs and the mashed potatoes.