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City of Sciences Valencia, Spain, Tuesday, 05 March 2013 11:23pm

I spent most of today at the City of Arts and Sciences, a collection of extravagantly stylized buildings to the southeast of the city center. It's strangely poorly served by the subway, but my Metro Valencia tourist card covers all forms of transit, so I was able to take a Metro Orbital bus that got me there in about 45 minutes.

I focused mainly on Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe. They had some neat displays, including a Mediterranean exhibit that had a bunch of animals that I haven't seen elsewhere. The undulate ray was particularly pretty. There were also a lot of rays and sharks in their Oceans exhibit, and a huge sunfish that hung around very close to the glass and exchanged weird looks with the tourists.

The science museum was kind of a letdown. Most of the exhibits seemed aimed at young children, or were weirdly pro-industry. I couldn't get a couple of the demonstrations in the exhibit about wind to work. I'm not sure whether I was simply misunderstanding the (Spanish/Catalan) instructions, or whether there was something broken.

I took a city bus back towards the center, where I caught the subway back to the hotel, where I met up with Adrienne and we took the tram out for an evening of food (did I miss any transit options?). We had some really tasty vegetarian food with wine at a little cafe and some mussels and olives and anisette at a bar. We narrowly caught the last subway train back towards the hotel and stopped for a last drink or two at the tapas bar right above the nearby station.