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Water everywhere Key Largo, FL, Friday, 19 October 2012 9:15pm

I did a couple of scuba dives today. They were good, but not amazing dives. I wouldn't come to the keys as a dive destination on the basis of these dives, but since I was already here, I'm glad I did them. I saw a moderate selection of fish, some small coral formations, stone crab, a small spotted moray, and some kind of striped sea slug. There were a couple of large blue parrotfish that were very bright blue. It was raining as I surfaced from the first dive, which makes an interesting sound underwater and a pretty pattern on the surface. We passed through a downpour on our way back to land from the dive sites, which was also pretty to watch on the calm surface of the ocean.

Both of the dives were very shallow. I don't think I was under 35ft down on the first dive, or under 25ft down on the second. That turned out to be lucky, because my dive computer has gone on the fritz, and I didn't have the luxury of knowing my exact nitrogen saturation. But at those depths, I would have had to stay under for hours to have any problem. The dive boat's mooring was across the street from the biggest dive equipment store in the keys, so I asked them about the problem I'm seeing and they immediately told me I'd have to send the computer in to the manufacturer.

I tried to go to a particular restaurant that's a little out of the way for dinner, but it turned out that they stop serving at around 6:30. At 6:30 I'd been on a bridge taking pictures of a spectacular sunset where the sun's rays were shining through a huge cloud formation. Probably worth waiting another hour for dinner.


g-na (Anonymously) Friday, 19 October 2012 8:25pm

Ah, good to know about the diving there. I had had the Keys in mind for a possible future trip that didn't involve a bazillion hours of travel. Do you think Hawaii is at least as good, if not better?

What sort of problem did your Suunto have? I'm wondering if if was the same problem ours had, that had supposedly been fixed—it said we were at a couple hundred feet depth when in fact we were not.

aneel Saturday, 20 October 2012 3:55am

It's a little hard to say, because Hawaii was my first dive trip, and I had little basis for comparison, but I think Hawaii is better than what I saw here.

My Suunto is resetting every time it enters dive mode. Which means that when it's underwater, it's caught in an endless reboot loop.