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Four State Day Elberta, AL, Monday, 15 October 2012 7:45pm

My rear tire seems to be holding air quite well, despite still having a nail in it. Yesterday I picked up a tire plugging kit and a 12V tire pump and got my 12V adapter circuit working again. Because all of the Honda shops between New Orleans and Pensacola FL are closed Sunday and Monday, I decided to just ride to Florida, filling the tire as necessary and hoping the slow leak doesn't turn to a fast one. I slightly over-filled it before I set out and it only lost 2 PSI over the course of the day, so the plan seems to be working well.

Today's ride took me out of Louisiana, across Mississippi, and most of the way across Alabama, and then I got dinner on the Alabama/Florida border, so it was (barely) a four state day. Is that my first since the day I rode to Pennsylvania? Maybe I should have stopped at Four Corners while I was in the Southwest.

For much of the ride there was nothing between me and the beach, so I had nice views and sea breezes most of the time. My route (US-90) went inland a bit in Alabama, and I got to see some pretty parts of Mobile. Lots of tree-lined streets with Spanish Moss hanging down.

Unfortunately, there was also a lot of traffic in Mobile. I decided to stop at a cafe for a break and ended up spending about two hours getting into the city, getting to the cafe, and then getting back out. I probably hit the worst of the rush hour.

Foodwise, the high point of the day was oysters. I had a half dozen in Gulfport MS, and then a dozen with dinner. Very tasty.