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Ferry tales Lafayette, LA, Wednesday, 10 October 2012 10:48pm

I took two ferries today. A long one from Galveston to Port Bolivar TX, and a short one in Cameron, LA. Each time there were dolphins in the water nearby. I also crossed a lot of bridges. Too many, actually. When I started moving again after lunch, I didn't notice that my GPS had changed my routing to go north of I-10, instead of along the coast. I was on the far side of Bridge City before I realized the problem.

My route ran along a sandy sea shore for the first segment in Texas, then went inland a bit because the road cut in towards Port Arthur. Port Arthur was once the center of the largest petroleum refinery network in the world, and there are still a lot of refineries operating.

I stopped for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant in a strip mall in Port Arthur. It made me think about how much online recommendations affect my travel these days. I find most of the places I stay or eat from various websites. On the one hand, it's awesome that I can discover that there's a good bowl of pho in a random town, but on the other, it makes me feel like I'm just moving through well-worn grooves.

After I crossed into Louisiana, the terrain shifted. The road moved gradually inland, and there were more fields and marshes south of me than actual beaches. I turned north to spend the night in Lafayette and the occasional trees became more and more common.

I had dinner at a Cajun restaurant called Prejean's. I'm uncomfortably full. I suspect this will be a recurring theme in this state...