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I had mixed results trying to do the in-sink washing recommended by One Bag. It generally works well, but I found there were a number of times and places where I couldn't wash (or just didn't want to). Some hotels and hostels specifically forbade in-sink washing, but I often ignored that. But there were other places where I didn't have access to a sink, or the sink water was directly from the Amazon. There were a few occasions where I was just too tired to wash clothes (or brush teeth).

I think three sets of clothes provided a suitable margin. I would usually have one clean set and one dirty set in my pack. I could then check into a hotel early in the day, spend 10min washing the dirty set, let it dry during the day, and wear it the next day. The clean set would stay packed until I needed it.

I found that, even in hot climates, my clothes would not fully dry overnight. It was fine to wear slightly damp clothing, but my clothes started to smell funny over the course of the trip.

Powder detergent seemed to work fine. I also took some Woolite foil envelopes, which everyone seems to recommend. However, one of the envelopes split, so I was glad they were in a ziplock bag. They were definitely bulkier than the powder for the same number of washes, and I didn't find a source for large numbers of them. They might be good for a two week trip.

I found it handy to drop clothes off at laundry services from time to time. Clothes came back cleaner and drier than when hand washed. Most of the places I went had laundry shops that would do same day washing if you got them the clothes in the morning. Some of the hostels would do it on site. Prices were generally quite reasonable.

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