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Pinstripe Jacket w/Peak Lapels (From)

Pinstripes definitely- and have them taper the waist a little and give you double (side) vents rather than a single vent. you have great shoulders and you can really play that up by getting the waist really slim cut.


White Linen Suit


  • CAO The phone # on the label is 747-2188. I think it's: 150 Nguyen Khuyen HN.
  • Nam Hanoi Old Quarter: 17 Hang Ga street.
  • street in the old district, just north of the lake downtown that i think is called Hang Gai, that is lined with tailors. take a walk there and you'll see lots, right next to each other, many with a door person who will try to pull you in. i got a suit made at a shop called hoa silk for about 50 usa dollars. the best place there is called khai silk, but it's probably double that price, if not more.

Hoi An:
  • Yaly 47 Nguyen Thai Hoc: good fabric, good tailoring
  • Thu Thy 60 Le Loi Street: better fabric, good tailoring
  • Mr. Xe corner of Le Loi and Nguyen Thai Hoc: It's worth going to Mr Xe's just for the entertainment! He does some good stuff, although he doesn't have the best range of really high quality cloths, and he contracts out much of the tailoring, so quality varies. I think his strength is for the simpler styles which don't require too much design input - he is good value.
  • B'Lan 23 Tran Phu, the road leading to the Japanese Bridge
  • Khoa 81 Nguyen Thai Hoc St. (perpendicular to Le Loi St.)
Fitting Tips
  • Jacket
    • Jacket length: to thumb knuckle
    • Back of collar, not hanging away from neck or bunching
    • wide enough that lapels lie flat
    • at least 1/2 in of shirt collar above jacket collar
    • 3/4 in of shirt cuff beyond jacket cuff
  • Vest
    • Only one button showing over jacket
    • Long enough to cover waistband of trousers
  • Slacks

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